Being prepared is key! Yes, the weather is amazing down here in St. Petersburg and yes, the entertainment is wild and crazy but, we want to make sure that more than that- you have the best weekend possible and that means being prepared!

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats! Sunny St. Pete is just that-Sunny! Protect your eyes and your skin from harmful UV rays. Cover up and leave race weekend with a sweet tan instead of looking like a lobster.
  • Portable phone charger! Isn’t technology neat? It’s going to be a long day out on the track and you’ll be Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming all about your #FirestoneGP experience. Bring a portable phone charger so you’ll never have to work about your phone.
  • Sharpies! Who knows who you’ll meet roaming around the race grounds? Make sure you have a sharpie on hand in case you happen to run into Josef Newgarden or James Hinchcliffe while heading to grab some food. Don’t let an autograph opportunity pass you by!
  • Paddock Pass! Let us help you run into those IndyCar stars. The best place to meet Marco Andretti is in the paddocks. Not sure what paddocks are? Don’t worry, we’ve got the 411 on them here. 
  • Pick an official race program! We’ve got TONS of series going on for you this weekend and for the talented few of you that can name every driver, their number, date of birth and hometown- it’ll be a breeze. But for the rest of us without crazy awesome memories, the official race program will keep you up to date on who’s racing in which series without all the confusion. You can pick them up at all merchandise locations!
  • Seat cushions! For all you grandstand dwellers, make sure you pick up a seat cushion for the utmost comfort.
  • Binoculars, radios, scanners and small cameras! Enjoy every ounce of the madness.
  • Schedules, track maps and track crossing times! Go to to print out these handy documents to plan the most out of your weekend.
  • Check out for after race travel ideas! We teamed up with the City of St. Petersburg to get you the list of Must-Dos for St. Pete First Timers and Hidden Gems for our dedicated returnees. Check them out and explore our amazing city!
  • Tickets! If you haven’t got them, check out if you do- double check you packed them! Nothing worse than having to turn around because you left them on the kitchen table.
  • Firestone Grand Prix gear! We LOVE seeing all the flashback gear from previous years. It’s one of our favorite parts of race weekend! Wear your hats and shirts with pride, race fans! Don’t have any gear yet? Don’t you worry- you can purchase on-site!
  • Follow us on Social Media! You like prizes, we like giving you prizes. You like the inside scoop on all this racing, we like giving the inside scoop. You like behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, we like showing you the sneak peaks. You get the picture. Follow us on all our social media to get the best #FirestoneGP experience and interact with us online all weekend long!